CEA Street children day 1

Consolation East Africa (CEA) is a Kenyan NGO that was registered in 2011 to address gender based aspects of human rights. It does this through building capacities of the civil society and working directly on gender based issues. It gets its call from the constitution of Kenya and the Kenya Vision 2030.

The constitution of Kenya in its section 59 provides for gender equity, equality and mainstreaming in order to facilitate national development. On section 60(f) it provides for the elimination of gender discrimination in law, customs and practices related to land and property while 81(f) provides for gender considerations in public bodies, political parties (91-f) and county governments (175-c).  The fifth schedule provides for a three years implementation of the gender balance and diversity within the county governments.

Vision 2030 on the other hand looks at gender equality in all aspects of the development of the country as a strategy to help spring board the country to the achievement of the MDGs.  In order to ensure gender equity the document set its strategy as that of investing in people. Gender was relegated as one of the key seven sectors under the social pillar. Women and youth were categorized as the vulnerable groups as far as power relationships and resource distribution is concerned. Women and youth too tend to be the group of the population affected by absolute poverty.  In order to help women and youth out of poverty the Vision 2030 suggests that there would be need to increase school enrolment for girls and children from nomadic communities and poor rural and slum communities; widening coverage of “essential health care”; equitable distribution of water, sewerage and sanitation services; improvements in public transport; and attaining gender parity and fairness in the delivery of justice and reducing social inequalities across all the economic and social spheres.